As your wedding celebrant I offer a professional service by assisting you in creating a ceremony that is unique and personalised. I offer my clients my personal wedding compendium which provides a variety of ceremonies, readings, poetry and music.

I suggest that you plan a date, time and an appropriate venue before contacting me to arrange a suitable time to discuss your personal requirements. I can write a personal ceremony or we can together create a ceremony that reflects your beliefs and dreams as a couple.

Ceremonies usually take approximately 30 minutes however can be longer or shorter depending on your personal preference. I am more than happy to attend a rehearsal together with your bridal party before your big day. I supply an excellent PA system with a CD facility and ipod or iphone dock.

Naming Ceremonies

Many parents in our modern society are choosing to have a naming ceremony for their baby or child rather than a religious christening or baptism. A beautiful new baby is the most precious gift of life, and a naming ceremony is perfect way to celebrate this joyous occasion in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Although not a religious ceremony, rather a service of welcome shared with friends and family, often held in the family home, garden or any where you prefer. Naming ceremonies are also a beautiful and significant way to welcome adopted children or step children into a family.

Commitment Ceremonies

Although not a legal ceremony, it allows couples who are unable to marry due to legal reasons, the opportunity to declare their love, dedication, and commitment to each other.

A Commitment Ceremony may follow a similar format to a Marriage Ceremony by  exchanging  vows, giving of rings and pledging your love and commitment to each other in front of your family and friends. There are no age barriers and this ceremony is well suited to same sex couples.

Vow Renewals

The renewal of vows confirms your commitment to your partner. There are many reasons a couple may choose to renew their vows, often a milestone anniversary is a significant time to celebrate your love and commitment to each other.

Although not a legal ceremony, it reflects your true love for each other, the journey you have already traveled as a couple, and your hopes and dreams for your future. The ceremony can involve new generations in your family, children, even grandchildren. 


I extend to you my personal sympathy at your loss. I am able to offer you a professional funeral or memorial service. Arranging a funeral can be bewildering, especially if you have not had to do it before, I will gladly walk you through the process.

I will be guided by you to ensure a personalised service is offered, fitting for the occasion and fulfils your needs.  My mission is to minimise the stress at this very emotional time.

Life is a journey of moments